“Those who think to be something, have stopped to become something” I found this nice quote on John Degenkolbs instagram.  And thats why so many people like him myself included ! After his great wins in Milan- San Remo and Paris-Roubaix he could easily became arrogant but he didn’t. I remember the win in Roubaix very well because as embedded team photographer of Team Giant Alpecin i followed John with my camera. Trying to be invisible was my biggest challenge. As a big favorite for the race he needed his concentration but i was lucky John didn’t bother i was a witness in his comfort zone. I also followed the race from the motorbike to picture him. As John arrived in the Roubaix Velodrome i tried to stay calm and decided not to shoot from the finish-line to have something different. It was great to watch the big happiness and being there so close.  A briljant day to remember.

On training camp in Sierra Nevada John surprised me with a special personal Paris-Roubaix bracelet. I was totally embarrassed !

Thanks a lot John . Get well soon !