About Roosenboom

In a relatively short amount of time, photographer Wouter Roosenboom earned the respect of the cyclingworld. He sees photography as a natural extension of his passion for the arts. Based in Maastricht (nl) but with his camera travelling the world for his clients he’s captured racing’s stories from the heart of the peloton, earning much acclaim for his artistic vision, both at home and abroad.

His photos show bicycle racing from a unique perspective. More focused on emotions and detail, they are often pure, grim representations of the sport, with all of the glitter and glamour stripped away. Cycling is beautiful not so much because of the racing itself, but because of the landscapes that are its arenas, and its essential minutiae.

Journalist Peter Ouwerkerk describes him as an artist of the details :
“Just about anyone can take a picture; photography is another story. Time after time, Roosenboom seems to ask himself why he is looking at something, why he’s attracted to a particular subject, a detail. A focus on the surprising, even strange, features of a scene is a leitmotiv in his work. Cycling is full of stories, full of images too. Wouter Roosenboom brings them to surface, sets them apart, makes them visible.”

His crowdfunded book SCHERP has received glowing reviews from across the country. “What a beautiful book! Wouter Roosenboom has turned cycling into art!” — (a review from bol.com)

Till november 30 2017 he shows a selection of his work at his one year exhibition at Apple Park Hotel Maastricht, showing the world how beautiful cyclingart can sparkle on a wall.

Roosenboom is captivated by more than cycling. With his fresh, creative eye, he knows how to capture the most compelling moments on any assignment and has an impressive sense for detail and light. His friendly attitude and great people skills allow him to bond quickly with clients and models.

Roosenboom certainly isn’t one for sitting still. He’s always keen to surprise the market with new initiatives. With his broad horizons, he goes to the most beautiful places. And he’s having fun!